Site Reliability Team Lead (REMOTE)

LOCATIONS: Louisville, Irvine

In this role you will be helping lead a team of integrated engineers on several of our microservice product delivery teams helping build new capabilities such a database schema automation, chaos engineering, automated load testing, horizontal service autoscaling, multi-region disaster recovery, canary deployments, dark releases, and a whole lot more.

This role requires a combination of team collaboration, technical analysis, and software engineering skills. The ideal person in this role will be able to work effectively along side software developers, product owners, engineering managers, and project managers to articulate their thoughts on the best way to approach solving multifaceted problems. The ideal candidate will be able to be given a complex engineering problem to solve and work out an approach without the need for a lot of direct oversight.

Your Day-to-Day:

  • Attend Agile ceremony meetings such as sprint planning, sprint retrospectives, daily standups, etc.
  • Create technical design documents and share them with engineering leads to develop buy in.
  • Participate in code peer reviews and take accountability for the quality of your code.
  • Own the health of multiple service in production and ensure that releases do not introduce unnecessary failures.
  • Participate in an on-call schedule to cover support incidents that occur outside of normal business hours.

Key Projects:

  • Build an automated load testing service that measures how new versions of your service behave under heavy traffic by injecting results from each test directly into the pull-request.
  • Build a database migration automation service that allows schema changes to be version controlled and rolled back in the event of a failure.
  • Build a chaos engineering service that randomly introduces failures at various layers of the technology stack and generate recommendations for how to build additional fault tolerance into the system.


You have (required):

  • BS in Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent experience
  • 3 or more years in a software or systems engineering role working on backend APIs.
  • A working understanding of Docker, Kubernetes, Helm and AWS.
  • The ability to remain calm under pressure.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

You might have (preferred):

  • Experience with cloud-native monitoring technologies and instrumenting code such as Prometheus & ELK.
  • Deep understanding of message streaming & database technologies like Kafka and Postgress.
  • The ability to produce high quality technical documentation using tools like Confluence & Draw.IO.
  • General knowledge of deploying, scaling, and maintaining microservices at scale.
  • An understanding of modern deployment techniques like canary deployments.

The Yum! Brands story is simple. We have the three distinctive, relevant and easy global brands – KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell -- born from the hopes and dreams, ambitions and grit of passionate entrepreneurs. And we want more of this to create our future!

As the world’s largest restaurant company we have a clear and compelling mission: to build the world’s most love, trusted and fastest-growing restaurant brands. The key and not-so-secret ingredient in our recipe for growth is our unrivaled talent and culture, which fuels our results.

We’re looking for talented, motivated, visionary and team-oriented leaders to join us as we elevate and personalize the customer experience across our 48,000 restaurants, operating in 145 countries and territories around the world!

We put pizza, chicken and tacos in the hands of customers through customized ordering, unique delivery approaches, app experiences, and click and collect services and consumer data analytics creating unique customer dining experiences – and we are only getting started.

Employees may work for a single brandand potentially grow to support all company-owned brands depending on their role. Regardless of where they work, as a company opening an average of 8 restaurants a day worldwide, the growth opportunities are endless. Taco Bell has been named of the 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World by Fast Company; Pizza Hut delivers more pizzas than any other pizza company in the world and KFC’s still use its 75-year-old finger lickin’ good recipe including secret herbs and spices to hand-bread its chicken every day.

Yum! and its brands have offices inChicago, IL,Louisville KY, Irvine, CA,Plano, TXand other markets around the world. We don’t just say we are a great place to work – our commitments to the world and our employees show it. Yum! has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index and ranked among the top 100 Best Corporate Citizens by Corporate Responsibility Magazine in addition to being named to the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index. Our employees work in an environment where the value of “believe in all people” is lived every day, enjoying benefits including but not limited to: 4 weeks’ vacation PLUS holidays, sick leave and 2 paid days to volunteer at the cause of their choice and a dollar-for-dollar matching gift program; generous parental leave; competitive benefits including medical, dental, vision and life insurance as well as a 6% 401k match – all encompassed in Yum!’s world-famous recognition culture.

Benefits at Yum!

Most of the employee programs and benefits are applicable in the U.S. Internationally, benefits are tailored by market and role. Check with your hiring team to see which ones apply to your job in your market.

Yum! Brands RSC, 1441 Gardiner Ln, Louisville, KY 40213, 502.874.8300

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